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Experience Tempe Eats Events

Your Passport to Global Flavors

At Tempe Eats, we transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Our events are crafted to delight, from lively celebrations to sophisticated tastings.

Weekend Grand Opening Party
February16th -18th

 Join us for a two-day extravaganza as we reveal Tempe Eats to the world! Be part of history with live beats from our DJ, influencers, and an abundance of free food and drinks. Indulge in a weekend-long feast with unbeatable $1, $2, $3 deals on bites and drinks. This is more than an opening; it's a celebration of flavors, community, and a new era in dining.
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Sip & Savor
Evenings of Wine and Culinary Bliss -
Date & Time

Join us for our first tasting and pairing event at Tempe Eats Food Hall. Featuring our very own, Executive Chef Eddie Garcia, who will be presenting a few intricate flavor creations, inspired by multiple styles of cuisine, culture, and creativity. This brand new menu will be paired with renowned Sommelier Mary Nguyen.
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