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After traveling the world for many years we decided to settle down and find a home. We were looking for a real community and it was a tough search. But we found it in Tempe, Arizona!

Tempe Eats to us, is a global traveling foodie and beer lover's dream.


While visiting Japan we loved the way you could order all kinds of food in a high tech way. From vending machines to touch screens and robots, high tech features were incorporated seamlessly into the foodie's world. We also truly enjoyed the relaxing, community-oriented feel of Germany's beer halls and local restaurants in Europe with outdoor seating for everyone.

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Tempe Eats is the place that unifies our passions and dreams, incorporating what we loved about Asia and Europe. We dream of a community hub serving really good, fresh food, with music playing and drinks flowing while friends and families enjoy being together.

But we're also realists. That scenario is not every day!


We wanted to create a place where you could have that global cuisine Food Hall experience but also get that food conveniently.


At Tempe Eats we offer multiple restaurants in one Food Hall in one transaction. Everyone can order their heart's desire no matter how much time you have or who chooses the restaurant!


Welcome to the community we wished for, right here in Tempe, Arizona.

Yogis Grill One Dine App

You may recognize us from our first restaurant - Yogis Grill in Tempe Marketplace.

We trialed a no-touch multiple-restaurant ordering concept with Tempe Marketplace when Tempe, Arizona first began practicing social distancing during the COVID 19 global pandemic. 
Opening 2023

Join Yogis Grill and the other Food Hall restaurants at Tempe Eats Opening Night.
Add your name to our Mailing List for tickets now!
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